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Can Blood Pressure Affect Eyesight?

Most people are unaware that high blood pressure can also significantly reduce a person’s vision. The pressure damages the blood vessels in the eyes, which can lead to blurred vision, eye pain, and even blindness.

If you have high blood pressure, it is important to take steps to lower your blood pressure and protect your vision.

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When blood pressure is high, the arteries that feed your eyes can become damaged. These arteries are made of smooth muscle tissue and are responsible for keeping the blood flowing to your eyes.

The blood vessels in the eyes are small, which makes them susceptible to damage from high blood pressure. The damage can lead to swelling or even ruptures in the blood vessels.

If these ruptures occur, they can allow blood to leak into your eyes, causing blindness. If you have high blood pressure, it is important to take steps to lower your blood pressure and protect your vision.

High Blood Pressure Can Cause Heart Disease High blood pressure does not only cause damage to the arteries in your eyes, but it can also lead to heart disease.

If There Is An Eye, There Is Light

Protect Eyesight against Increasing Use of Computers as people’s eyes have changed to see everything these days, many people eyes are also getting weaker.

Nowadays, eye diseases have increased and the number of people wearing glasses has also increased. Eye care is essential.

Without eyes, life becomes dark. Jog is necessary to prevent the eye that can see distant planets-constellations and stars from becoming weak.

Lifestyle is the main cause of poor eyesight. There are wrong eating habits.

Junk: Junk means Waste material. Foods which have almost zero nutrition like popcorn, wafers, noodles-magi, finch fizz are called junk food.

Causes Of Visual Impairment

Fast Food: Fast food is called fast food. Spicy, mouth-watering foods like Burger, Pasta, pastries, Pizza, Sandwiches etc.

Extra Flavored: Salty, sour, pungent, spicy-hot food is called unhealthy food in Ayurvend.

Electronic media: In the age of electronic media, many children turn up their noses at the mere mention of traditional food lentil, rice, vegetables, chapatti due to greedy advertisements.

The new generation is more interested in such junk food-fast food-farewell food.

Unhealthy Food: Such food intake affects other organs of the body, but it has a very bad effect on the eyesight.

Such a seemingly insignificant, yet important cause deteriorates the quality of critical bile in the eye. As a result, the problem of sight-impairment arises.

Due to which even children as young as five years old have to wear glasses.

Remedies: Staring at television, home theater, computer, movie screens for long periods of time leads to poor eyesight.

Also, sitting in front of the computer screen for hours weakens the eyes quickly. Therefore, at intervals of two hours, eyes should be closed and eyes should be rested for five to ten minutes.

Treat With Palming: Place your palm over tired eyes and count from 1 to 100. Then move the palm and count from 1 to 100 again with closed eyes.

Then slowly open the eyes. Doing so relaxes the eyes. Also, light relaxes the eyes, which prevents eyes from getting tired.

  • Children and adults who are irritable or have frequent temper tantrums tend to lose their visual acuity.
  • Due to the loss or removal of loved ones or loved ones, they become overwhelmed with grief and depression and their eyesight also weakens.
  • To keep good eyes, to get out of anger, grief, depression and to make efforts to keep the mind happy.
  • Do not stop the urge to urinate. If the stomach does not clear, take immediate measures.
  • Triphala: Taking a teaspoon of Triphala Churna with warm water every night before going to bed calms the aggravated Alarika Pitta of the eyes.
  • If possible, avoid walking in the hot sun during the day.
  • Goggles: Wearing goggles in a hot climate region like India can protect the eyes from direct sun, light and air.

Children lose appetite from foods like chocolate, chewing gum, peppermint, ice cream, cold drinks, and lose interest in routine food.

They don’t eat well. Results Due to lack of certain types of nutrients, their eyesight becomes weak. The above foods increase potassium in the stomach.

This affects the blood supply and the children become pale. This affects the eyes.