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What Is Digital Eye Strain And What Are The Common Symptoms Associated With It

Digital eye strain is a condition that is caused by prolonged exposure to digital devices. The most common symptoms of digital eye strain are tired eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.

Digital eye strain can be prevented by taking breaks from looking at screens, blinking often, and using eye drops.

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Common Eye Diseases And Their Treatment

Eye is said to be the jewel of the body. We can see and enjoy this beautiful world only with our eyes. But like other parts of the body, the eye can also be affected by various diseases.

Here we will discuss some common eye diseases.


It is a non-infectious disease caused by bacteria, scabies, acne, allergies, psoriasis.

The symptoms of this disease are reddening of the eyelashes, sticking of the eyelashes, discharge from them, irritation of the eyes, intolerance to light, blurred vision, watery eyes and curling or falling of the eyelashes. This disease often occurs in both eyes simultaneously.

Home remedies include cleaning eyes with warm water, rinsing with warm water, washing face and hair with anti-dandruff shampoo, removing make-up before going to bed and avoiding allergens.

If there is a disease like diabetes, acne or psoriasis, control them with proper treatment. If pain or swelling increases.

Sore or blistered eyelids. If the vision begins to blur and home remedies do not help, an ophthalmologist should be consulted immediately.


In this disease there is blurring of vision due to the inflammation of the retina.

The disease is usually more likely to occur with increasing age, but often due to genetic causes, injury, drugs like steroids or diseases like diabetes, it can also occur in young children and young adults.

Symptoms of this disease include white cast on the pupil, blurred vision, intolerance to light, difficulty seeing at night, frequent change of glasses, difficulty climbing stairs and parking a vehicle.

It may not be possible to completely prevent this disease but the onset of this disease can be avoided to some extent by a healthy lifestyle such as nutritious diet, regular exercise, sedentary life, use of sunglasses, and proper treatment of diseases like diabetes and regular consumption of anti-oxidant medicines.

After this disease occurs, the bad eyeball is surgically removed and an artificial eyeball is placed in its place.


In this disease, the eyes become red and swollen due to an infection, injury, allergy or something falling into the eye.

There is burning, pain, itching or sensation in the eye. Water falls from the eyes. Intolerance of bright light and blurred vision.

Sometimes the eyelashes stick together due to the vaccine coming from the eye. This disease usually occurs in both eyes simultaneously.

In the home treatment of this disease, if there is itching or swelling, do a cold water shake and if there is pain or itching, then do a hot water shake.

Clean the eyelashes with warm water and do not scratch the eye. Avoid direct contact with the patient to prevent the spread of the disease.

Personal items of the patient should be kept separate and hands should be washed frequently.

Generally, this disease gets cured in 7 to 10 days, but if the pain or swelling increases, there is a lot of swelling, there are blisters or sores on the eyelids and home remedies do not help, consult a doctor.

Corneal Ulcer

Eye injuries or infections, excessive rubbing of the eyes, ultraviolet rays or welding lights, contact lenses, chemical spills, dry eyes, or objects falling into the eye can cause wear and tear on the cornea, which can sometimes lead to corneal ulcers.

This disease usually occurs in people who wear contact lenses and work in dust, garbage or wind. In this disease, the symptoms like watery eye, light intolerance, red eye, blurred vision, slanting of the eye are seen.

A patient with a suspected corneal ulcer should keep the eyes completely closed, do not scratch the eyes, do not wear contact lenses, clean the eyes with clean water and use goggles.

If something has been hit or dropped in the eye, the pain is increasing, the eye starts to discharge or the vision starts to get blurred, then contact the doctor immediately.


Glaucoma is a very common eye disease. Dry skin, acne, lack of hygiene, eye makeup, mental stress and hormonal problems are more likely to cause this disease.

In this disease, a lump like a grain is seen on the eyelid, inside or outside, due to which the eye hurts, swells, becomes inflamed, watery, gets infected.

Signs like itching, blurred vision are seen. Home remedies include hot shakes and frequent cleaning of the eyes with clean water.

If the pain or swelling increases, there is rash, fever, blurred vision and frequent itching, then a specialist doctor should be consulted.